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Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Partnered with industry leading EDI companies, Edibar is able to meet such standards as ANSI, Edifact, Odette...

Barcoding Services

Barcoding Services

Offers a wide variety of barcode services, such as label development, label certification, web printing...

ASN Shipping Solutions

ASN Shipping Solutions

ASNs are created automatically through scanning operations in Edibar's Release Management System...


Inventory Management

The Inventory Module is a feature application that enhances the ASN shipping solution...

Printing Services

With an extensive library of barcode labels available, Edibar is proud to offer automated printing of bar code labels from EDI data, line-side printing and web based printing applications.

Automated Printing of barcode labels from EDI data Customer label specifications have evolved to include destination specific information. Incorrect keying of this data can delay or even prevent the delivery of product, causing costly shipment expedites and effects to your supplier rating. Automatically printing from the customer EDI prevents manual errors caused by human intervention.

Line-side Printing Many trading partners have instituted finished goods labeling requirements at the end of the line to prevent mislabeling. Integration with PLC, vision, weight or Poka Yoke system, allows Edibar the ablitiy to automatically generate labels and include lot information for traceability.

Web based Printing Web Print is a service offered to businesses within the Supply Chain needing to print barcode labels. Hosted communities are available for trading partners, as well as automated printing capabilities from Web EDI applications. Edibar can also assist in development of barcode label specifications.

Ford Label Certification

In April 2007, Edibar Systems was one of three companies selected by Ford to provide certification of their "North American Label Design Specification (BAO-1122-L)".
For more information on submitting your labels for certification, click here.

Bar code printers supported by Edibar are the Zebra and Intermec printer families, as well as Windows Printer Drivers..

"Using the Edibar RMS software, we are able to standardize our shipping processes for EDI and non-EDI customer requirements from order entry, to label printing and concluding with shipment processing."
Jennifer Deiter
Nissin Brake Ohio